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Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd specialise in driven timber piles, driven railway iron piles, driven and vibrated steel piles, drilled concrete piles, pole foundations, retaining wall construction, transmission line foundations, cell phone tower foundations, slip remedial work, river erosion control works and general site works.

Established in 1982 Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd have a proven track record serving the construction industry principally in the Wellington, Kapiti, Wairarapa, Horowhenua and Manawatu regions but undertaking projects throughout the lower North Island where our proven skills and experience are called for.

We cover residential and light commercial projects, happily working for private clients, individual builders, building company’s, corporates, local authorities and government agencies.

With pile driving rigs starting with our small 6 wheeled Toyota rig, perfect for driving 150mm SED house piles through to our 25T excavator mounted rig we can provide solutions for most driven timber or driven steel pile requirements.

For drilled piles from 200mm to 2.1m diameter and beyond we have a range of excavator pendulum auger equipment, 3.5T to 25T, with abilities to drill piles in not just easy clays but through rock or when casing is required. We have developed our equipment around the requirements of Wellingtons difficult sites often needing long reach and deep piles.




Capable of drilling any hole from 200mm to upwards of 2.1m diameter as deep as 14m, Darlington is the team to take on all your drilling requirements. Wet - soft ground through hard rock, we have the machinery and expertise to take on any site, steep tight access house additions to large commercial developments, transmission lines and cellphone towers. We don’t just drill the holes, we can also provide and install pile reinforcing cages, timber and steel piles, temporary or permanent casings, supply and place concrete and remove drill tailings from site. Our knowledgeable team are equipped to take on anything.



From small domestic additions with just a few piles, through driven piles for new builds and large commercial developments, Darlington Drilling and Piling  provide and install driven timber piles, driven UC or UB steel piles and driven railway iron piles. Driven timber piles from 150mm small end diameter (SED) through to 350mm SED. 150mm SED timber piles are the most common piles driven for new houses. 175mm and 200mm SED can also be driven for houses. Driven UC or UB steel piles, galvanised when required, are driven in a range of sizes and lengths for projects such as footbridge foundations, commercial buildings and retaining walls. Driven railway iron piles are commonly used for rural roadside retaining walls. They are also a practical option for building foundations where piles are required to be driven through difficult ground conditions where timber poles could not be driven without damage. Rig sizes range from our compact 6-wheeled Toyota piling rig utilising a 500kg drop hammer through to our SK235 (25T) excavator mounted piling rig with an 870kg hammer. We have piling rigs of all sizes for different site requirements. We also use excavator mounted vibro-plate drivers, hydraulic breaker/driver systems and excavator mounted hydraulic vibratory hammers of varying sizes. We can also offer pre-drilling or pre-punching on difficult or sensitive sites.

Pile Driving


Darlington Drilling and Piling offer all retaining services, timber pole retaining walls, UC or UB steel pile retaining walls, driven railway iron retaining walls and any other retaining works you require. Driven railway iron retaining walls on rural roads or beside streams and rivers is a specialist area we have perfected over the years. We offer competitive, contemporary solutions including design and build services. We take pride in our proven relationship with local authorities and government entities in undertaking their  urgent remedial roadside slip repairs, requiring design development throughout the course of the works. We work with clients who only want the poles supplied and installed through to full wall construction and backfilling. We are also able to supply and install galvanised or specialist paint system coated UC or UB steel soldier pile walls with the UCs or UBs either driven or installed in drilled concrete piles. A range of timbering (lagging) options are available to suit any wall design. We are able to offer solutions and advice for any retaining requirements.

Retaining walls


We cater to any excavation requirements including general farm work, tracks dams etc. We can also offer a full excavation and foundation package to get your project out of the ground.


Sheet Piling

We offer sheet piling services for all temporary and permanent retaining requirements. Sheet piles are sections of steel sheet material that interlock with each other. They are driven into the ground to provide earth retention such as in land reclamation projects, underground structures, retaining walls and temporary design works and on coastal or river sites. Sheet piles are especially useful in confined spaces for projects requiring cave in protection as well as water retention and de-watering sites.

Sheet Piling


Darlington Drilling


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